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Do I need antivirus on my mobile phone?

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Just the same as computers and laptops, though unknown to most users, smartphones are also susceptible to viruses. Some examples of how a virus can affect your phone are below:

– Adware can be embedded in apps which can allow data to be grabbed from other areas of your phone.
– Malware could be added to your device either through websites you visit or apps. This can run in the background to either steak your data and information or by using your phone power and network connections to process information, such as mining cryptocurrencies or attacks on other websites.
– Malware could be embedded in a malicious Wi-Fi network, app or website which embeds code to redirect you to illicit or fraudulent sites. Examples could be banking or email site login pages with the aim to convince you to enter your credentials into what you think is a trusted website.

Another key way smartphones can be compromised is by smishing. Smishing is a cyber attack criminals use to obtain personal information via SMS, in the same way phishing attacks target your email. Read more about smishing here.

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