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How Long Should My Password Be?

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The longer the password the more secure it will be. The absolute minimum requirement for most systems is typically 8 characters although the longer the better.  However, it’s important to understand that password security isn’t just about how long it is, other factors combined with length will help create a more secure password that cyber criminals find it harder to identify.

A good way to create a strong password is using the 3 random words approach. Include numbers and symbols if you can. Using 3 random words helps you to increase the password length while still being able to remember it. However, don’t use words personal to you that others will find easy to guess such as children, spouse or pet names, place of birth or your favourite sports team.  

As consumers and in our work we can help bolster security defences by following these simple rules and also in regularly reviewing our passwords to ensure that they follow the most up to date guidance and have not been put at risk in any way.

We can support you to increase awareness of the risks to your organisation through training and building a focused cyber security strategy, contact us today to find out more.

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