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Why do businesses need cyber security training?

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Cyber criminals will always try and find a vulnerability they can exploit and this often starts with targeting people and not systems. To not invest in your people through cyber security training could be argued as a conscious step towards not protecting your business.

Cyber security training is central to building awareness amongst staff at all levels across the organisation, and should not be considered a nice to have, something to get around to when you have the time.  As the number of threats to organisations continue to grow, it is important to take time to build resilience in to your organisation, and starting with your people is a sound move.

Almost half of all organisations in the UK fall victim to cyber security breaches every year, and over 80% of these involve some form of human error. These incidents often lead to personal data breaches, interruption to business through Ransomware, financial loss through invoice fraud and reputational damage, so ensuring your staff have the awareness to make informed security decisions is key to prevention and detection.

The focus of the cyber security training can be on general staff awareness, or may focus on upskilling the leadership team or on a specific area of the business.  Whatever the focus the benefits will not be confined to those who receive the training, as people go back in to the business we see that their new knowledge is transferred across the people they engage with.  One way that we do this at CyberScale is to make the experience relevant to peoples’ personal lives as well as the work they do.

Training isn’t going to eradicate the risks, but it builds competence in the workforce which in turn increases organisational resilience.  Following the increase in awareness and communication around cyber risks, behaviours will need to change and this is more likely when staff are trained together.

You can read some more detailed articles about cyber security training over on our blog.

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