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What is Spear-Phishing?

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Spear phishing is a type of electronic communication or email scam through which malicious actors target specific individuals, businesses or organisations. Typically the target is an individual who has access to desirable systems or information, and is specifically targeted by the attackers to take an action which will compromise systems and allow attackers to gain access.  In this case, the objective of the scam is to steal critical information for malicious uses. However, in recent years, cyber-criminals have been using spear phishing to install malware on the intended computer system or network. In most cases, spear phishing works through emails that seem to originate from trustworthy sources and often redirect users to websites intended to infect them with harmful malware. Emails used in this attack method employ creative tactics to gain the victim’s attention. Sponsored hackers and hacktivists are the most common perpetrators of this kind of attack.

Awareness is a key line of defence from spear fishing as often attackers will use social engineering methods to build trust in their targets, increasing the likelihood that they will perform the desired action enabling cyber criminals to achieve their goals.

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