Let’s take a quick look at cyber security leadership…Here’s an interesting question to ponder for a few minutes.  How much value do you place on 3 hours of your time as a business or organisational leader?

Maybe you thought along the lines of “that’s nearly half a day, I can get lots done in that time”, or “3 hours, 3 meetings, 3 things dealt with”.

Now ponder this, you’ve just been told that your business has been hit by a ransomware attack and you’re the person the team are looking to for quick decision making on how you’re going to respond.  Your critical systems are at risk of being taken offline and your highly sensitive customer data is under threat, this could damage your business for a long time.  Would investing three hours of your time in building your cyber security knowledge be worthwhile if it meant you could mitigate some of these risks?

It’s an unavoidable reality that 100% security from cyber-attacks targeting your business systems and information is impossible, so sending yourself or your leadership team to be trained in cyber and information security may seem like a luxury use of valuable time.  However, this training, as opposed to that you would give the IT team or frontline staff, provides the information you need to be able to reduce risk.

We focus on delivering actionable insights in our training which relate directly to elements that can be implemented in the business, ensuring that your cyber security strategy is specific to the risk profile of your business is key in it being effective.

Effectively managing the process of developing a cyber security strategy enables leaders to embed security principles and ensure that threats are responded to appropriately.  A further benefit here is that a knowledgeable leadership function can also enable the business to recover quickly and identify learnings which will further strengthen the security position of the organisation.

If you’re keen to mix with and learn from other leaders across a range of industries our cyber security training for business owners and leaders runs for three hours and could be instrumental in you building a more protected business.