Bespoke Cyber security training

work with cyberscale to build bespoke cyber security training for your business

If you feel that your business needs cyber security training built for your specific needs you can take a look at our capability and process before talking to us.

At CyberScale we are passionate about cyber security training as we believe that the human line of defence and building a culture of security in all businesses are key to developing the best possible protection from cyber threats.  We also believe that training should not be a tick box exercise.

Alongside developing standard training and awareness courses, we also build bespoke cyber security training for our clients.  Sometimes you will know that you need to invest in upskilling your staff, but what’s out in the market isn’t quite right – and that’s where bespoke cyber security training courses come in to their own.  What’s better than showing your teams that not only do you want to protect them and the business, but that you’ve also invested in making their experience the best it can be?

Our bespoke cyber security training courses are developed by our experienced cyber security consultants with your team.  We work with your key staff to understand your business, identify the key goals of the training need, build what you need and ensure you have full visibility of what we build before anything is rolled out across the business.

Building bespoke cyber security training frameworks that fit with your business needs and consider specific threats to your organisation must be supported through ongoing communications, as building a culture of security and being front of mind in staff is not achieved by one off or annual training.

To learn how we have done this with our clients, and to see a little more detail of the process you can click on the image below for a downloadable and sharable overview of our experience and capability.

Cyber Security Cheat Sheet

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