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What is a Password Manager?

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A password manager is a software application which is designed to store and manage your online passwords. It will help you to use strong, complex and unique passwords as it eliminates the need to remember different passwords for all your different logins. It can also prefill your password when logging into different systems, speeding up the login process for you.

Credentials are stored in an encrypted database and accessed only using a secure master password, the only password you will need to remember. It is important to ensure that this master password is strong, and that access to the password manager application is further protected using MFA (Multi Factor Authentication)

It is also important not to confuse a dedicated password manager with web browsers built-in password storage. A browser will store your passwords on your computer in less secure method than a dedicated password manager.

Enterprise versions of password managers can help IT and security managers understand password behaviour, encourage good practices such as strong password selection, and discourage risky behaviours such as password re-use.

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