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What is TVM?

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TVM is the acronym for “Threat Vulnerability Management”.  TVM is an ongoing process whereby an organisation is continually identifying, assessing and fixing security weaknesses, whether this be in systems, processes or policies.  The main aim being to understand how weaknesses have occurred and to fix both the root cause and the weakness itself.  A deep understanding of both IT systems and the wider business operating systems and processes is key to a successful TVM strategy, especially one which will strengthen your organisations position in the increasingly complex supply chain.

There are a number of ways in which you can work preventatively alongside having the ongoing TVM plan in action, such as ensuring all systems and devices have automatic updates enabled, ensure your partners have their software and systems regularly updated, and work hard to keep any legacy systems or devices updated and better still have a plan to make them redundant and move to more secure alternatives.

With vulnerabilities left unattended to your organisation is open to many more threats from cyber attackers as vulnerabilities leave open more inlets for attacks.

If you would like to talk to an experienced team about how to prioritise and act on the most pressing threats to your organisation contact us today.

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