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cyber security training for business owners and leaders

This half-day, non-technical cyber security leadership training course is designed to help business owners and leaders understand the key elements of cyber and information security related risks and practical steps required for a comprehensive cyber security strategy appropriate to their business.

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Cyber Security Leadership Training for Business Owners & Leaders


Almost half of all organisations in the UK fall victim to cyber security breaches every year, often leading to personal data breaches, interruption to business, financial loss and reputational damage.

Many businesses still treat Cyber Security as a technical IT problem and believe the fallacy that they are not a target, but more and more are realising that Cyber Attacks such as Ransomware and business email compromise (BEC) represent a key business risk requiring visibility and focus at the executive level. This is where our cyber security leadership training comes in.

We know that your job is flooded with requirements from all angles so we have balanced this course to be technical only where it has to be – the majority being about understanding the non-technical, pragmatic steps your teams can take to protect your business and how they should be setup to take them whilst still ensuring the business runs the way you need it to.  Cyber Security is a business wide issue, not just a technical and systems one.

Cyber Security training for business owners & leaders

This non-technical, workshop based cyber security leadership training course is designed to help business owners and senior leadership teams to understand the key elements of Cyber and Information Security related risks, and the practical steps required for a comprehensive Cyber Security strategy appropriate to their business.

Making the most of your time away from the office

This course offers much more than just the important content to attendees. Whatever it is that triggers the need for leadership training on cyber security, whether it’s an action from a security review, something a contact has recommended or a response to a recent cyber-attack, it’s important to feel that your time is going to be invested in something of real value.

a course centred around a range of key topics

This course will include both presentation and group exercises and focuses on:

Understanding Cyber Security from a business perspective
Understanding relevant regulations and laws
Key risks and business implications
Common mistakes
Planning your Cyber Security Strategy – Key Steps


Learning & collaboration

Learning how to better protect your business and staff will be combined with the chance to mix with and learn from other leaders facing the same challenges at your level across a range of industries, which can be very impactful.  We are all fallible and collaborating around cyber security will benefit all businesses beyond the training.


delivered by our team of cyber security experts

The course runs from 9:30am through to 12:30pm. Refreshments are available from 9am, and will either take place at CyberScale’s dedicated training facility on the outskirts of Norwich or online via Zoom.


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