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One Day Cyber Assessment
Our One Day Cyber Assessments are designed specifically for micro and small businesses who need to get a clear picture of their Cyber Security posture from an experienced consultant – a real person, not a standard form with an automated report.

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What is the One Day Cyber Assessment?

In a single day, one of our experienced Cyber & Information Security consultants will provide you with a clear view of your risks, and a set of recommended actions to take to manage them – all explained in clear English with no technical jargon.

The Assessment Process

Step 1

An experienced security consultant will conduct a Cyber Security Workshop with key members of your team.

Step 2

The consultant will ask you various questions about your business, clients, partners, suppliers, IT infrastructure and devices, data, policies, processes and security awareness

Step 3

Using this information, they will build up a picture of your key cybersecurity risks, and identify priority actions for you to undertake immediately, and longer term improvement actions

Step 4

At the end of the workshop, the consultant will provide you with a brief summary report outlining key observations and recommendations outlined during the day for your reference

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