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How is Cyber Essentials Assessed?

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To be assessed for Cyber Essentials certification you need to fill out a self-assessment questionnaire, the responses to which will determine the standard of Cyber Security awareness and practices within your business in accordance with the Cyber Essentials standard.

Once your organisation has completed the Cyber Essentials assessment questionnaire, it is submitted to an IASME approved certification body along with a declaration signed by a board member from your organisation to confirm that all answers are correct and true.

An IASME-qualified assessor will then evaluate the questionnaire responses and determine if you have passed or failed.

If you have passed you will be sent your certificate of compliance. If you fail, feedback will be given to advise why and which areas need to be addressed not only in order to successfully pass assessment in the future, but to increase your Organisation’s Cyber Security practices in general.

One Cyber Essentials certified, an organisation can apply to become Cyber Essentials PLUS certified, which requires additional validation from a Cyber Essentials PLUS certifying body.

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