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What is 2FA?

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2FA is the acronym for “Two Factor Authentication”.

Instead of relying on just a username, password, or PIN to protect your business, implementing 2FA wherever your business is exposed to the internet will require an extra method of authentication, before access is granted.  The extra layer of security you get with 2FA  is based around the simple concept of requiring multiple ‘factors’ to confirm that anyone attempting to access your business, is actually who they say they are.  The theory goes, that if you can provide at least two of the following factors when accessing your email for example, there’s a good chance it is actually you who is trying to gain access:

  • Something you are – biometrics, so a fingerprint or retina scan for example
  • Something you have – a security token, a mobile phone or other such device, or a keycard
  • Something you know – a password or a PIN

The key concept here is that even though a password can be stolen or guessed, or a keycard or mobile phone can be stolen or found- the chances of both of these occurring at the same time are highly unlikely.  This isn’t a new concept- think of withdrawing money from a cash machine, you need a cash card (something you have) and a PIN (something you know).

The value of extra layers of device & systems security is a central part of our employee awareness training, get in touch to discuss investing in your staff and building an additional line of defence.

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