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What is AV?

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AV is the acronym for “Antivirus”.  

With there being so many choices out there it is important to remember that whichever vendor you choose, you should not rely on Antivirus alone to protect your endpoints or your data. You should tailor your security policies to your needs when it comes to AV in your organisation, incorporating the solution as part of your global security practices. Things like the use of external devices are critical in protecting your environment from malware, and your Antivirus should be seen as a last layer of defence against infection- not the only layer of defence.

If you frequently ingest data from external sources or devices, you may want to run the data through antivirus products from multiple vendors. Bypassing one product can be trivial but bypassing two is much harder so setting up a ‘sheep-dip’ for incoming data could be an option.  It is important to have an active and engaged approach to Antivirus as it is not a case of rolling it out once chosen and leaving it to do its job.

CyberScale can support your business in identifying and implementing the best antivirus for your needs, contact us today for an informal discussion.

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