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Identify the risks to your business, find gaps in your current security, and identify the measures you need to keep your business and your clients’ data secure. Presented and explained in a clear, easy to follow security road-map, a cyber security assessment will empower you with the information you need to remain one step ahead.

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Cyber Security Assessments

Understand • Plan • Act


A cyber security assessment from CyberScale will help you identify the risks to your business and any gaps in your information security. We will identify and help you understand the technical measures, policies, processes and training that you need to keep your business and your clientʼs data secure.

CyberScaleʼs pragmatic approach helps clients turn security into a competitive advantage. When businesses can readily demonstrate their security aptitude and commitment to clients, it fosters trust that opens doors to new business relationships and strengthens existing ones.

Unlike many security companies, we do not speak in technical jargon and we are not biased towards selling you our pet technology.

Clients see us as a trusted specialist adviser to help them navigate unfamiliar territory.

Where are you now

The first step to improve security is to understand where your business is at today. What systems do you have in place and what is the nature of any data that needs to be kept secure? We’ll work with you to gather all of the relevant information in a security workshop.

The workshops are structured yet relaxed and clients often find the systematic review enables them to identify risks and opportunities which they had not previously considered.



Where do you need to get to?

We will tailor our recommendations and road-map to meet the specific needs of your business. Do you simply want assurance that your information security is being ‘done right’? Or, perhaps you need to demonstrate formal compliance with a particular security standard such as ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials, NIST, NIS, PCI DSS or others? Whatever your needs, we’ll make sure your tailored recommendations and plan are fit for purpose.

Putting you in the picture

We use the information gathered in our workshop sessions to identify and analyse your risks and to create your assessment report and cyber security road-map.

Your cyber security assessment report will provide you with a clear picture of your current areas of risk and what they could mean for your business.

A clear road-map

Your cyber security road-map will describe the steps that need to be taken to protect the business from urgent threats today.  It will also show you how to put in place the policies, procedures and technical protections to secure the business for tomorrow.  We will identify where it makes sense to adopt a formal security standard (such as ISO 27001) and can guide you through the certification process.

We’ll cover preventative measures, but also ensure that you are well prepared for sophisticated incidents or data breaches that might find their way through.



Clients often ask us to help with the implementation of their road-map either as an adviser supporting their own project team or by
taking charge of the whole project on their behalf.  We’ll break your road-map down, identifying key areas that we feel your team can take on and areas where you might need some help.

Whichever route you choose, CyberScale is with you for the journey.

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