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How are you different from other security providers?

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There are lots of great security companies out there and you should take time to find the ones that are right for you.  There are inevitably some who aren’t so great.  We’d suggest being wary about using any that make grand promises around security or data protection, like making you “100% secure”, or offering security products that promise to solve all your security headaches.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

There’s a few key reasons why we feel we’re a good fit for a lot of companies.

Firstly, we recognise that every organisation is different.  We take the time to understand your business, and we assess your risks and provide recommendations based on that understanding.  We’re business focused and will explain everything in plain English.

Secondly, we’re not purely technology focused, we consider the other, very necessary People and Process aspects of an effective security strategy.  Many of our clients have historically relied on purely technical measures which are only partially effective on their own, and sometimes not the best fit for them, particularly if they have been sold to them by a purely technology focused IT provider with a limited portfolio of products.  We don’t sell technology products, so any recommendations we might make are purely based on what might be right for you.

Third, we stick to our areas of specialism.  We don’t try to provide you with IT support, websites, or even provide security services outside of our core area.  If there is something, we think you need – Penetration Testing for example, we’ll recommend a trusted partner who specialises in that area to provide that for you.  We think that this way, you get the best advice from people who specialise in what they do day in, day out. 

You will notice that we said that we think we’re a good fit for many, but not ALL companies.  We prefer to work with businesses who recognise the need for security and are committed to improving.  We do come across organisations who treat security more as a “tick box exercise”, maybe because of regulations or customer requirements.  We’d rather let someone else help those companies.

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