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How can we secure Google Workspace (G-Suite)?

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Google Workspace comes with a whole host of security options depending on the subscription level. Even from the Business Starter level, basic security features such as admin redundancy, secure accounts using 2-step verification (popularly referred to as MFA – multifactor authentication) and audit logs are available. An administrator can find these features in the Security, Users, Reports and Admin Roles pages from the console. Google itself has a security checklist that will help any new business get started in making their Google Workspace secure: https://support.google.com/a/answer/9184226. Despite the existence of separate checklists for “small” and “medium and large” businesses, we recommend using the latter checklist even if your organisation employs less than 100 people. With the small business checklist, we identified multiple gaps that can leave vulnerabilities open in comparison to the medium and large business checklist.

If you would like help reviewing your Google Workspace security posture, we can help! Send us an enquiry at info[email protected] to get started.

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