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Cloud Security Configuration Reviews

Cloud providers operate a “Shared Security” model.  Many organisations struggle with their part. 

CyberScale can help you ensure that cloud adoption improves your security and reduces your risk – not the other way round.

Is cloud computing safer?

There’s hardly a business today that doesn’t utilise cloud services in some way, but configuring security in the cloud isn’t the same as when you’re hosting your own services.

Cloud providers like Microsoft, Amazon, Google and others are responsbile for datacentres, infrastructure and other key elements of security – but their customers (i.e. your business and others like yours) are responsbile for the configiration and settings of the services you use.

Most cloud providers will provide you with a set of best practices for how to configure your settings securely, but if you’re not technical it’s not always easy to understand if you’re doing it right.  If you’re relying on an IT support company, securing your cloud services isn’t always within their remit – or experience.  You can’t just assume that it is.

Whatever cloud services you are relying on, we’ll help you understand which elements of security you’re responsible for, how well you’re doing now, what you need to improve, and how to do so.

Microsoft office 365

 Office 365 is the no.1 business productivity tool for business, with many businesses relying on it for their email, business applications (Word, Excel etc.), file sharing (Sharepoint & OneDrive) and team communication with Microsoft Teams.

Our security configurations reviews for Office 365 are based on Microsoft security best practices and leverage the Secure Score tool to evaluate and improve your Office 365 security.


google g suite

If G Suite from Google is your business tool of choice, we’ll help you work through the G Suite Security best practices to make sure your GMail, Google Drive and Google Docs settings are configured to keep your data secure from Business Email Compromise (BEC), Phishing Attacks and other threats.


amazon web services (S3 & EC2)

Some organisations also leverage services from AWS for computing capacity or additional storage.  Many data breaches and leaks have stemmed from insecure S3 “buckets”. Our reviews will look at your general AWS security configuration as well as your settings for S3 & EC2 services in line with Amazon best practices, and identify areas for improvement and the methods for doing so.

cloud based business applications

Many businesses large and small rely on a multitude of cloud based applications to run various aspects of their business.  Whether you’re managing tasks and projects with Asana or Trello, communicating via Slack or Teams, sharing files with Dropbox or Box, or managing your social media with Hootsuite, we’ll help you understand the settings you need to keep your teams and your customer data secure.


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