How valuable are cyber security certifications?…

We are excited to be a part of the Cyber Brew series with Allowlist, and in our first chat with Lee our Director Darren Chapman discusses what value you can put on certifications such as ISO 27001. Are they just pieces of paper or do they hold real value?  So grab a brew and take some time out to watch now.

Here’s a little more information on two of the cyber security certifications we can support you with at CyberScale:


ISO 27001 – A framework for Information Security
ISO 27001 is an internationally recognised and respected Information Security standard, based on a framework for implementing and maintaining an Information Security Management System (ISMS).  It is one of the most popular standards for information security and is frequently used as a measure of security maturity by organisations undertaking supply chain due diligence. At the core of ISO 27001 is protecting the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) of data and systems.
Cyber Essentials

The Cyber Essentials certification scheme is a simple yet effective, Government backed framework that will help protect your organisation against a range of the most common internet based cyber attacks.From the small-scale start-up to established and growing organisations, the scheme will help you reduce the impact of such threats as:

  • Phishing attacks
  • Malware
  • Ransomware
  • Password guessing
  • Network attacks