As a cyber security consultancy we are very much led by our clients and their business needs.  We don’t have technical solutions to push and always begin with looking at their current technologies, processes, policies and people when it comes to assessing their position in relation to cyber security.

To this end, we listen to what our clients are telling us they need and ensure that we build services we think not only meet this need, but also deliver our experience and knowledge in the most effective and relevant manner.

Engaging your employees in any form of training can be a challenge so once you have decided you are going to invest in cyber security training we work hard to ensure that what is delivered achieves the best possible engagement and is taken back in to the business with enthusiasm.  Training should never been seen as a tick box exercise, especially when it comes to training that can and will protect your business from potentially damaging cyber-attacks.

Interactivity is a theme that runs through all of our workshops and training sessions, it is a key tool in ensuring that delegates are very much a part of the experience and not left feeling they are being told how to think.  We recognise that this is hard to do in computer based training which is a delivery method most organisations rely on.  Of course, some of what we share is about imparting knowledge, but that knowledge needs to be made relevant and personal.

Our trainers are also our consultants, working on the front line of client businesses and will incorporate a blend of group exercises based on common threats, personal experiences shared from their client work, delegate contribution from your business (as it is about your business not ours), and mock threat scenarios so we can test response and understanding within the group.

We are proud of what we’ve built in the last year around cyber security workshops and training, so much so that we have expanded our offering to now cover:

  • Cyber Security Staff Awareness
  • Cyber Security for Business Owners and Leaders
  • Incident Response Planning in Cyber Security
  • Preparing for Cyber Essentials
  • Preparing for ISO 27001

With a combination of public courses where attendees will be from a range of organisations, and bespoke solutions for your business, we are experienced in ensuring that what we deliver suits the needs of your business.

We are focused on providing cyber security training that also brings personal benefits to individual attendees in their broader lives and not just in the workplace.  We do not deliver a standard CBT session or something general, which might feel like a tick box exercise for the business and attendee, we ensure that we are linking the training with your specific process and policies.

CyberScale understands the Business of Cyber Security, and how important an aware and alert workforce is in building the security culture into a business that can set it apart and drive it forward.