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Cyber Security Training at CyberScale is built and delivered by our experienced consultants. Take a look below at our full range of scheduled training sessions and workshops for the coming months.

Cyber Security Training for your Business

Built by our consultants who bring their real world experience of working within client businesses, we have scheduled a combination of public cyber security training courses where attendees will be from a range of organisations.

As well as this we apply our experience to being able to build bespoke solutions for your business. We are experienced in ensuring that what we deliver meets the needs of each organisation we engage with.

Our cyber security training is focused on providing cyber security training that also brings personal benefits to individual attendees in their broader lives and not just in the workplace. Delivering standard CBT sessions or something generalised is not our focus, we know this might feel like a tick box exercise for the business and attendee and brings less value.

Working closely with you to ensure that we are linking the training with your specific process and policies, our aim it to give you the best return on your investments.

cyber security staff awareness training

Date Time Location Booking
11/10/2021 09.30am Norwich Book Now
12/10/2021 09.30am Online Book Now
10/11/2021 09.30am Norwich Book Now
11/11/2021 09.30am Online Book Now


cyber security for business owners and leaders

Date Time Location Booking
20/10/2021 09.30am Norwich Book Now
21/10/2021 09.30am Online Book Now
17/11/2021 09.30am Norwich Book Now
18/11/2021 09.30am Online Book Now



cyber security incident response planning workshop

Date Time Location Booking
28/09/2021 09.30am Norwich Book Now
29/09/2021 09.30am Online Book Now


preparing for cyber essentials

Date Time Location Booking
27/10/2021 09.30am Norwich Book Now
28/10/2021 09.30am Online Book Now



preparing for iso27001 certification

Date Time Location Booking
24/11/2021 09.30am Norwich Book Now
25/11/2021 09.30am Online Book Now

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