About CyberScale

At CyberScale, we understand security. We also understand that cyber security and data protection can be confusing and hard to keep up with, especially without dedicated experienced staff.  We’ll translate cyber threats and regulations into what’s relevant to your business and explain everything in a clear, non-technical way.

Operating out of the UK whilst enjoying a global reach, we believe that as an SME we have the ability to be more agile and adaptable to the changes within the cybersecurity industry.  Our specialists have up to date knowledge on industry trends and stay ahead of the curve to support you, our client.  Our consultants pride themselves on creating close working relationships with clients to offer the most personalised cyber security service to suit your business requirements.

Our Services include;

Security Assessments

We will help you identify the risks to your business and any gaps in your information security. We will identify and help you understand the technical measures, policies, processes and training that you need to keep your business and your client’s data secure.  We’ll also help you understand whether security frameworks such as Cyber Essentials or ISO 27001 would be a good fit for your business

Cyber Security Training workshops for Business Owners & Leader sand employees

Our non-technical course for leaders is designed to help business owners and senior leaders understand the key elements of Cyber and Information Security related risks and the practical steps required for a comprehensive Cyber Security strategy appropriate for their business.

For employees, we cover the basics of Cyber Security that everyone should be aware of, both at home and at work.

Cloud Security Configuration Reviews

Whatever cloud services you are relying on, we’ll help you understand which elements of security are covered by the cloud provider and which elements you’re responsible for, how well you’re doing now, what you need to improve, and how to do so.

Virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)

Within many organisations, a gap exists between Senior Management and IT, especially when it comes to Security.  Our Virtual CISOs help to bridge that gap. Security is a balance. Businesses need to be secure and compliant, but also agile and responsive. Our virtual CISO’s can help keep you safe and compliant without getting in the way of your day to day business.

If you would like to learn more about how CyberScale can help your business, you can contact a member of the team here