You may have read a lot in the news about threats to your business from Log4j attacks against in VMware Horizon server environments…but what does this mean in reality for your organisation?

Log4j, is an open-source logging library affecting almost all software which logs for security, development, and operations. Log4j is a common component used for this purpose.  The vulnerabilities found in this environment allow cyber criminals to carry out a range of malicious activities including data exfiltration and deployment of ransomware to your systems.

There is a vast amount of information out there about what this vulnerability is and how larger organisations are responding to it, we wanted to share some key questions that might help you better understand how to tackle this within your business.

  • Have you updated to the latest version of Log4j and / or asked your development team or 3rd party software vendors regarding the available fixes/updates for the affected software?
  • Are you at risk from software or servers that may have slipped through the net and are not on IT/Security’s radar, often referred to as Shadow IT?  Have an open and honest discussion about whether this might be a risk given how your teams work and manage systems and devices.
  • Have you made contact with your suppliers and key 3rd parties e.g. those who provide or support your business-critical systems, and asked how they are protecting their customers against log4j related vulnerabilities?
  • If you have a crisis or incident response plan in place have you enacted it in the face of this new threat?  It is also going to be important to ensure that any such plan is geared up for this sort of indirect threat going forwards.

Around all of these questions and actions, it is most important to identify and communicate widely who it is leading your response to this threat.  Everyone should know who the go to person for this within your organisation.

This potentially damaging and far reaching threat highlights the very dynamic and complex nature of cyber security.  It’s important to ensure you get support in understanding the risks posed to your business, work and life.  If you need to speak with someone outside your organisation to gain a better understanding, our Cyber Security Consultants are on hand to do just that.