You may be familiar with the term Cyber Security, but you may increasingly hear “Cyber Resilience” used, including by ourselves.

Cyber Security tends to be focused mainly on prevention of Cyber related crime, and whilst this is critically important, it’s increasingly clear that it is simply not possible to be 100% “Secure”. However much preventative work you do, there will always be a residual risk of compromise. This is where incident response planning comes in.

If (or often when) you suffer a security incident and/or data breach, how you deal with it in terms of detecting, responding, communicating and recovering will have a huge bearing on the level of impact to your business. Being prepared and practiced in advance is vital.

Our security incident response planning services look at the key risks to your business, and include the creation of clear, easy to understand but sufficiently detailed plans which will help you analyse and manage cyber related incidents in a calm and logical manner, comply with key requirements such as GDPR reporting and minimise the impact of any incidents or breaches.

If you would like to learn more about how our team can help you with Incident Response planning you can request a call with the team here.