Cyber security strategy from a client perspective: As a social housing and care provider, our client Orwell Housing Association Ltd understands that risk management and good governance is key to ensuring that the organisation meets its strategic objectives. As part of the governance work undertaken, regular security audits are conducted by external consulting firms. In 2008, a security audit undertaken by a large consultancy firm identified the need to find a security partner to help deliver on some of the recommendations from the Audit.

After a recommendation from another of Orwell’s suppliers, Orwell and CyberScale started working together in 2018. From the outset we worked closely to develop a complete Cyber & Information Security Strategy that not only ensured the delivery of the recommendations but would also ensure a long term strengthening of their security posture.

Having worked together to implement and continually review, revise and improve the Cyber Security Strategy, key achievements have been in the development & implementation of the Cyber Security Policies that will keep all relevant staff members at Orwell on track and accountable. Following from this came the development of their Incident Response Plan, which once embedded within the organisation led to the delivery of a number of Incident Response Exercises with Orwell’s Senior Leadership Team.

Jamie Hopkins – Assistant Director of Information and Technology says; “The journey we have been on, and continue to invest in, has built our resilience in terms of Cyber and Information Security to a level where our latest audit report shows incredible progress. We are keen to maintain this momentum and to evolve our information security resilience to respond to the latest cyber threat landscape. Our teams are fully engaged with this critical aspect of our business. To this end we are currently reviewing our training framework alongside CyberScale, as we see the value in continuous investment in our people”.

Working collaboratively remains central to the relationship for both CyberScale and Orwell. The dedication required of the Orwell team to deliver the Cyber Security Strategy has shown just how driven and committed they are to keeping their business and customers secure. Scheduled monthly engagements are enhanced with workshops when specific needs are identified. Ensuring that a Cyber Security Strategy is kept alive is paramount to keeping Orwell protected from the very real threats to their organisation and its customers.

Reflecting on the cyber security strategy work CyberScale have delivered with Orwell Housing Association, Darren Chapman, Director & Principal Consultant at CyberScale said; “When a new client comes to us with some awareness of their needs it often means that the work we do holds real meaning for them, and this certainly has been the case with Jamie and the team at Orwell. The journey Orwell as a business and its employees are on ensures that both are better protected, and we look forward to continuing to be a part of that.”