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Regulations & Compliance 

There are a plethora of regulations and different frameworks that organisations either must comply with, or can choose to guide their Cyber Security strategy.  Many organisations struggle to understand which ones apply to them, let alone which to choose.

Our consultants are fully aware of all of the relevant regulations and standards, and we work with all of our clients to help them understand which apply, or are most relevant to them.

Whether it’s regulatory or compliance standards such as PCI:DSS, GDPR, DPA2018, or the NIS Directive, or frameworks such as Cyber Essentials, ISO2700, NIST or CIS, we can help you navigate the maze based on your business.


Our Cyber Security Advisers bridge the gap that exists in many organisations between Senior Management and IT.

Much like a CISO in an enterprise business, we work in partnership with your teams to implement your Cyber Security strategy and educate you teams on the importance, and the part they need to play – always balancing the need to be secure with the ability to be responsive and agile.  

We want to enable you to use IT securely – not prevent innovation and agility.

When not working with you, our advisers are constantly keeping up to date with the latest threats and how to deal with them – so you don’t need to.

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cybersecurity awareness

A huge part of cyberscurity management is education for business owners, executives and your team.  This is a key deliverable for customers who choose our Cybersecurity Adviser Service, but we can also provide awareness programmes on a standalone basis.

Our short workshops and ongoing awareness programmes will help you educate your entire team, from executive level  down, through appropriate and tailored delivery content and methods.

Tailored Consulting

Need help for a specific project or event? Our tailored consulting is always available on a day-rate basis.

Whether it’s technology assessment, evaluation of cyber insurance policies, deciding on a formal security framework, or just some general advice, we’re here to help.

data protection - GDPR

Many organisations who have done anything around GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation) – and many haven’t – still haven’t fully got to grips with the key Data Security requirements contained within Article 32 and other sections.

Check the ICO advice here for a great guide to what you should be thinking about.

Our team can help you with many aspects of GDPR and the DPA 2018, including:

  • Programme Planning
  • Executive Awareness
  • Staff Awareness
  • Data Discovery
  • Impact Assesments
  • Incident response and reporting
  • Virtual DPO services


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