Cybersecurity programme for Small business

Because Cyber Threats don’t care how small you are.  But we do.

Let us Help you




We’ll walk you through how we deliver Cybersecurity engagements, and help you do the same for your business.


Lets go!  We’ll start by understanding some fundamental cybesecurity concepts and terminology.


Building on the basics, we’ll work on identifying what’s critical to your business, what the threats are, how to assess risk and prioritise your digital assets.


Based on what’s important to your business, we’ll define what we need to acheive to make your business safer, and build a plan to get there

Quick Wins

We’ll quickly identify some key things to reduce your risks quickly, and get to work on those early in the programme.


Now we’ve build a plan, we’ll put it into action.We’ll help you with tools, services, processess and education that you’ll need and give you a tailored action plan.


Cybersecurity isn’t a one-time deal.We’ll help you plan for the future, keep your knowledge up to date and build on the work so far.

Keep current

In each session,we’ll learn abouot the latest threats, tips on how to combat them and how to keep current.

there for you

Between sessions, we’re there to help you implement your plan and support you when you need it.

programme options

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