The Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2020 released in March 2020 confirms cyber security breaches are becoming more frequent. It found 46% of UK businesses and charities reported a cyber-attack during the year.

The average cost of a cyber security breach for a small business in 2019 was £11,000.

Responsibility for ensuring appropriate measures are in place to protect data sits with owners and directors of the business.  However, businesses should not underestimate the importance of ensuring all staff are aware of the risks posed by cyberattacks, this is where investment in relevant and regular training for your staff becomes a must do rather than a nice to have.

Criminals may steal your employees’ or customers’ personal details and as it’s your responsibility to safeguard this data it can be seen as a breach of the Data Protection Act (DPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  This could result in compensation to individuals who suffered damage from the breach or severe penalties from the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office)

Depending on the nature of your business, there are a number of other regulations or frameworks that you may need to comply with which have specific information security requirements.  These include:

  • NIS (providers of national infrastructure)
  • FCA regulations (financial services companies)
  • data security and protection toolkit (NHS)
  • Cyber Essentials (required to do business with many public sector organisations)

This is not only an ‘IT’ issue!

Home and remote working increases the risk of cyberattack with many organisations forced to allow additional remote access to systems due to Covid.  As the way businesses operate and employees work have changed, ensuring they are supported with the appropriate tools and training is ever more important.

CyberScale are experienced in delivering a range of Non technical courses across a range of topics:

• Understanding Cyber Security from a business perspective

• Understanding relevant regulations and laws

• Key risks and business implications

• Common mistakes

• Planning your Cyber Security Strategy – Key Steps

Built and delivered by our team of consultants these courses are designed to equip business owners and decision makers with the knowledge required to ensure appropriate measures are in place. 

CyberScale understands the Business of Cyber Security, and how important an aware and alert workforce is in building the security culture into a business that can set it apart and drive it forward.

If you’re wondering what the right training could mean for your organisation, give our experts a call to discuss training options tailored for your business.