As Cyber threats evolve, so must businesses also evolve their Cybersecurity capabilities and defences.
An organisation’s ability to defend itself is often linked to how mature they are perceived to be, in terms of Cybersecurity.

But how can Cybersecurity maturity be effectively assessed?  What does it mean for a business to be “mature” in its approach to Cybersecurity?

Typically, cybersecurity maturity is tied to cybersecurity capability, a checklist of individual solutions or practices to plug individual holes or weaknesses- but does this give the whole picture?

So a business has implemented a firewall (tick), enforces complex password policies (tick) and has enabled Multi-factor authentication for remote access (another tick), all good and highly-recommended practices, and based on capability it may seem this business is well on its way to being Cybersecurity mature.

But this business- a small company low down in the supply chain for the utilities industry- allows its staff to use their own devices to work on, but with no visibility or control over these devices or the company data they now hold.  The business also uses free online file-sharing and collaboration tools, takes backups of critical data by copying files to a second server on the network, and- as it is just a small business with a modest turnover-  does not consider itself to be a target for cyber-attack.

If you expand the scope then, it’s clear this business is not Cyber Mature.  This is a business that fundamentally does not understand why or where it might be at risk, let alone have the necessary measures in place to protect against the threats and attempt to mitigate them.

If a business really wants to be mature in its approach to cybersecurity, taking a more holistic and strategic ‘risk-based’ approach is far more effective than ‘ticking boxes’.

For the business, defining security strategy based on risk means:

  • Acknowledgement that risk exists, and what cyber threats the business may face
  • Considering your customers and suppliers- are they high-risk and could heighten your risk levels, or could your business risks put them at risk?
  • Identifying what areas are most at risk- where is the business exposed?
  • Identifying what systems and data are most critical to the business- what are the biggest concerns, what would losing these systems and data mean, and what are the implications of those systems or data being compromised?
  • Prioritising the protection of high-risk areas
  • Adopting technical solutions and business processes in response to these risks, and not just to plug one hole or tick a box

While one solution or process may plug one security hole, you’ll find that to effectively mitigate risk may take several solutions backed by the right processes and practices- which is why security needs a wide-scoped strategic approach, not an ad-hoc, narrow capability-based approach.

Where do you see your business?

The threats your business faces and how at-risk it is are not based on size, or turnover, or even industry.  Whether you’re a sole-trader or a large Enterprise, the first step to true Cybersecurity maturity is understanding where your business is at risk, and coming up with a plan to counter them.

So, how mature is your business?

No matter where your business currently sits on the Cybersecurity maturity scale, CyberScale can help get you moving to where you need to be.   Of course, every organisation is different but here are some broad categories of level of maturity, and where CyberScale can typically help.

‘Cyber-What?’ businesses Don’t believe they are a targetRisks and threats are not understoodLittle capability or awareness throughout the business- including the leadershipSecurity is an afterthoughtSpeaking candidly, you’re more than likely not ready to talk to us yet – but we’d hate for you to be another business who gets in touch with us only after you’ve suffered the pain and financial impact of a security incident or data breach – unfortunately, it often happens, and it’s certainly one reason that businesses move to the next level – but we’d much rather work with you before that first time.   If you are ready or even wondering just how much of an issue it actually is for your business, our experts can work with you to understand your business and carry out a Risk Assessment, to help you understand where your business is most at risk and why you should put some protection in place.
‘Where do we start?” businesses Concerned about security and aware of some of the risks facedSome ad-hoc tools or practices implemented, but no strategy or governanceNot sure how best to proceed, where to direct resourcesYou want to protect your business and you want advice and guidance from experts you can trust.
CyberScale can carry out a Security Assessment to see where you are today, and what the next steps may be to get you where you want to be.   All of our security assessments come with prioritised recommendations based on your individual business and risk profile, and a suggested security roadmap to help you prioritise and plan
‘Beyond the basics’ organisations We have some security capabilities, but no overall strategy and not implemented in response to risksRoles or persons have been made responsible for security within the business though may not be dedicated or specialistSome awareness that security could provide an edge over competitors, but not sure how to realise thisSecurity is still relatively ‘informal’, no framework or strict guidelines in place, or enforcedYou’ve taken steps to secure your business, and now you want to make sure Security becomes a part of your business moving forward.   Security strategy is as important to your business as the business strategy itself.  CyberScale’s security experts can work with you to define and develop your Cyber Security Strategy, so you can see how security can work hand-in-hand with the business to drive it forward.
We can also help define and document Security Policies for your business, clearly articulating your strategy and laying the foundation for security to become embedded in day-to-day operations.
‘On the right path’ A security strategy has been drawn up and the business is shifting to be more security aware at all levelsBiggest risks are known and mitigation has been implementedSome awareness of how security can benefit the business, with some interest in adhering to standards or gaining certificationSome Security policies and processes are documentedStaff at all levels starting to ‘buy-in’ to securityLooking to embed security as part of every-day practicesTechnical solutions in place are fit for purpose and in-line with strategyYou’re along the path to Cyber Maturity, and CyberScale can help you go the distance. Our vCISO service can help bridge the gap between security and the business, getting everyone aligned and showing the true value of security to an organisation.   Our experts can help you with your incident Response Planning.  It’s best to be prepared, and in the event of a security incident you’ll want your business to have a defined, and tested plan to get back and up and running as soon as possible. Interested in Certification or Standards?  We can show you what could most benefit your business, and why frameworks such as Cyber Essentials, or ISO 27001 are not just great to hang on the wall, they can make a real difference to your business and help drive it forward.   Education and awareness is key to reaching full security maturity, so we can provide Training for your staff at every level, to help turn what could be your biggest security weakness into your biggest asset.
‘Next-level’ Security is part of the ‘culture’ within the businessDedicated, specialist security roles defined reporting directly and frequently to leadershipSecurity strategy is mature and under constant review alongside business strategyStandards have been attained and certifications awardedBusiness is confident in its cyber-defences, but has documented and practiced incident response processesKeen to ensure the standards don’t slip and the confidence is maintained in an evolving threat landscapeCongratulations, you made it.  Or have you?
The fight isn’t over.  Cyber threats are constantly changing, with new challenges for even the most security-conscious organisations being realised daily.

You’ve worked hard to get where you are today, don’t stop now.
CyberScale can help you stay confident as your business, and the threats it faces evolve.  Security is an iterative process, so Risk Assessments, Security Assessments and Security Policies should be constantly reviewed, and Incident Response Planning and Staff Training should always be refreshed.
If a vCISO is the right choice for your organisation we can help, guiding Cyber Security Strategy in conjunction with Leadership teams to take the business forward, securely.
Our experts are always learning.  Technology, and security Standards and Frameworks are constantly evolving, and so is what’s best for your business.