A 6-month programme to secure your business


What would happen if your business leaked personal or sensitive data of all your clients?

How would your business cope if you lost access to all your data?

What if offensive messages from your company were posted on social media, or sent from your company email address?

How long could your business operate with all your computers offline?

These are all real-world results of cyber-attacks.  The good news is, you can greatly reduce the risk of this happening to you.

About Cyber Security Foundations

Reduce the risks to your business and customer data

Cyber Security explained in plain English
Understand security requirements for GDPR
12 hours of workshops
Clear step-by-step action plan for your business
Protect your assets and business operations
Specialist Support
Cost effective approach
Prepare for Cyber Essentials

How it works

Over the six-month programme, you will attend a 2-hour workshop every month where you will:


Learn how to approach Cyber Security

Create, develop and update your tailored Cyber Security Plan
implement “Quick wins” to improve your security quickly

In each session, we’ll also review the latest cyber security news

What it costs

Time – 2 hours per month workshop attendance
Commitment – Willingness to implement changes
Investment – £49 + VAT per session

Upcoming Workshop Sessions

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